FAKTR is an Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) technique that uses a stainless steel instrument to break up adhesions, improve tissue strength/function and reduce chronic inflammation. FAKTR has the individual perform a movement while using the stainless steel instrument to help break up any adhesions in the soft tissue as well as stimulate healing. The use of FAKTR stimulates the production of fibroblast which facilitates the production and realignment of collagen to strengthen the area of damage. FAKTR also creates an acute inflammation response which helps to stimulate healing of chronic injuries and reduce inflammation, as well as being effective at reducing pain and improving pain free range of motion.

Conditions that respond well to FAKTR/IASTM include:

•        Headaches

•        Neck and Back Pain

•        Shoulder Pain

•        Golfer/Tennis Elbow

•        Knee/Ankle Pain

•        Chronic Inflammation and Pain

•        Plantar Fasciitis

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