Knee pain is very common, roughly 10.4 million visits to the doctor’s office in 2010 was for knee pain. As we discussed in our blog Traditional Diagnosis vs Functional Diagnosis the area of pain isn’t always the source of the problem. The knee is often not the cause of the problem, rather a result of something above or below the knee. However, the knee is the one that gets blamed for the problem and suffers the pain for the problems created above and below it; like the red headed step child the knee takes all the blame.

Whether it is a non-contact ACL tear or patellar tendonitis there are predisposing factors that contribute well before injuries happen or you start feeling pain. Common predisposing factors are: poor hip stability and muscle activation, limited hip range of motion, poor co-activation of the quads and hamstrings, poor stability at the foot, and over pronation to name a few.

Many of these predisposing factors can be screened for in offices to assess if any are present. It also allows for a custom plan for the individual from an injury prevention stand point, as well as a performance stand point. It is important to screen for these predisposing factors because we have many tools to get patients out of pain quickly, but if we never fix what brought the problem on in the first place it will continue to come back.

It’s time to stop treating the knees like the red headed step child and start looking for the source of the problem and not just cover up the symptoms. At TROSS we look at the big picture so we can better understand the possible underlying causes. If you are interested in learning more or would like a free consultation contact TROSS  today! TROSS proudly serves the Cottleville, St. Peters, St. Charles, O’Fallon, and St. Louis communities!